Twelfth Night

“John Napier's stage consists of a grey neutral surround and a timber platform displaying one solitary property ; an empty picture-frame through which we see Viola peering in like Alice about to leap through her mirror. The sheer isolation of that frame reasserts all the magic of stage doorways.”

Irvin Wardle, The Times

25th August 1978

Plays and Players Review

"The production sets Part One of the play in winter. John Napier's trees are bare of leaves, everyone is shivering and everyone is wrapped in furs and leather. The Spring of Part Two is a little more convincing. The trees have sprouted a few leaves and cold yellow primroses and daffodils have appeared...The costume design is one of light shades - pale grey, white, black dominate, with browns and yellows supplied by the early autumnal Belch, Aguecheek and Maria." 

Sally Aire, Plays and Players 

July 1979