“"Time"… is somewhere the other side of the galaxy, in or near Mr. Napier's imaginative idea of the headquarters of Akash the Ultimate Word in Truth. Behind is a purple sky, gorgeously splattered with stars and planet, like baubles on a Christmas tree. Below is a giant circle which can rise, swivel, tilt and (indeed) do everything except somersault, revealing weird cabalistic shapes and symbols as it goes. Just above it are what appear to be three flying Pharaohs, who swoop this way and that, occasionally lighting up the neon ruffs round their necks and the neon organ pipes on their throne.

It's the contribution of another that "Time" is more likely to be remembered, and his identity won't surprise anyone whose eyes have bulged at the gargantuan garbage dump of "Cats" or the multi-level roller-skating rink of "Starlight Express", or the monster slums of "Les Miserables." He designed all those shows, is primarily responsible for the wonders at the Dominion, and is of course the unsinkable John Napier.

Benedict Nightingale, New York Times
4th May 1986”