“Naturally, Old Deuteronomy picks Grizabella for the acension. They mount a huge platformed truck tire that rises like a UFO fantasy, belching white seraphic smoke from underside jet valves, and are met by a silvery ladder that slithers down from the sky, and Grizabella climbs upward for the celestial connection.”

Steve Lawson, New York Times

Sunday October 3rd 1984

Cats Reviews

The set looks like a gigantic garbage dump, crammed with bicycles, cast-off Christmas ornaments, tyres, toothpaste tubes, even parts of a wrecked ship, glowing in unearthly hues. The dump reaches into the theatre, circling completely around the mezzanine rail. Against this collage, strange forms skitter and crouch, clad in fur, satin and stripes, illuminated by shafts of moonlight and neon, piercing the air with snatches of song and animal hissings.

Steve Lawson, New York Times
Sunday 3rd October 1984

It is a spectacle on a grand and staggering scale.  Napier's set is a kind of automobile graveyard, but it contains far more than discarded tyres, battered wheels and disembowelled body parts. He has constructed a collage of the detritus of contemporary civilisation; smeared paper plates, unstrung tennis racquets, old Red Seal Victor records, Drambuie bottles and boxes of Tender Vittles''.  Every object is outsize, as a cat might see it.

T.E. Kalem, Time Magazine "O That Anthropomorphical Rag"
18th October 1982